Wine Club!

Champion Wine Cellars Wine Club

*Wine club orders are fulfilled by the 15th of every month. Please subscribe by the 10th of every month to participate.

Let us help you navigate the world of wine with our monthly club offerings. Whether its finding a gift for the wine lover in your life, or you want a steady stream of expertly chosen, delectable wines to sip and enjoy, our wine club is here for you.

Every month we will assemble a selection of exclusive wines for your enjoyment. Included in every package are tasting notes, with extensive writings on wine history and suggested recipe pairings.

Subscribe monthly or purchase the month’s featured selections, you may cancel at anytime.

Current club members receive the following perks for enjoying our selections.

Club Perks

5% off industry discount (in-store purchases only)

- Step into the store and take advantage of special discounting offered to industry professionals and sommeliers.


- Waived tasting fee on our regular tastings. Hone your palette, sharpen your nose and be immersed in wine education by joining us for our frequent weekly tastings on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.


Wine Club Offerings 

- Premier Club (6 bottles) - $94.00 (plus tax, and shipping if applicable) 

Same bottles as Premier Club offering, but doubled. 

- Grande Club (3 bottles) - $62.00 (plus tax, and shipping if applicable) 

A curated selection of three premium bottles for the ultimate wine enthusiast. Find unique and coveted wines in this special club tier.

- Grande Club (6 bottles) - $124.00 (plus tax, and shipping if applicable) 

Same bottles as the Grande Club, but doubled. 

  • Grande Wine Club (6 bottles)

    Welcome to the Grande 6 Bottle Club!    Like the Premier 6 Bottle Club, you have a few options. We can select 6 different wines for you, based on your palate; or we can double up on 3 different wines. It all depends on what you're comfortable...

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