Summer Starter Package

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Summer Starter Package

Drumroll, please. Please welcome our Summer Starter Package below: six wines, $90.

Retail value $115. And, of course, free delivery within Seattle's city limits.  

1. NV Domini del Leone Prosecco DOC Spumante Brut 
2. 2020 Ercole Rosato 1L
3. 2020 Gönc "Anna" Dry Slovenian Rosé 
4. Domaine Tariquet Classic Blanc
5. Domaine de la Graveirette, Julien Mus 2018 Côtes-du-Rhône Villages 100% Grenache
6. Patrice Colin Perles Rouges, Fermentation Naturelle

1. To start this package, we're kicking it off with one of our absolute favorite Proseccos. Now, some of you might poo-poo a Prosecco, but all kidding aside, even you "only Crémant or  Champagne" fans out here need to give this Lil guy a shot. Charming fruit balanced by a fair amount of lime citrus fends off any hint of cloying sweetness and keeps it fresh all day long.

2. and 3. Yes, yes, everybody! 2020 rosés have begun to arrive, and they're showing like the summer we thought we tasted back in April. All kidding aside, both of these off-the-beaten-path rosés will be welcome additions to your table. The Ercole Rosato comes to us via Piemonte, Italy, and it's a charming blend of Dolcetto and Barbera. Think barely ripe strawberries and watermelons; it's thirst-quenching and a liter at that. The Gönc "Anna" Rosé sounds exotic, and it is. It is, after all, from Slovenia. On the palate, this rosé is all wild berries and peach with a touch of melon, Provençal-esque in its vibe. 

4. Everyone needs a "pick-me-up" now and again- especially once the weather heats up again! The screw cap makes this bottle an easy fit for picnics or boat trips, and its buoyant, lime meets herbal mineral nature will dust off your cobwebs and put your dancing shoes on. 

5. We know you love Grenache, and this sultry stunner won't disappoint. From Julien Mus, Burgundian trained and headstrong vigneron who forged his path by hard work and determination. Unwilling to acquiesce to sub-par fruit and the status quo, he began his domaine in an area in-between Avignon and Orange, basically the heart of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. From the getgo, he farmed organically, eventually converting fully to biodynamic viticulture: all that to say; his wines reflect his tutelage in Burgundy, and it comes across in elegance and food-friendliness. This Grenache will be your go-to BBQ wine for the summer, and it'll send you off into those romantic sunny evenings we dream of in fashion. 

6. Ok, Lambrusco's are great with BBQ too! BUT we had to switch it up a little for you! So, here it is. A sparkling red wine from the Upper Loire Valley (right above Sancerre!) that's perfect for everything from charcuterie & snacking to everything off the grill and in-between. The Gamay that grows here is lovely for sparkling wines. It gets a little peppery with all that lifted fresh fruit and a hint of baking spice. In style, it's the French way of pétillant naturel (that is to say, the original "pét-nat"), disgorged, crisp, a friendly fizz, and as pretty to look at in the glass as it is to enjoy it.