Mexican, Latin American & South American Cuisine

Mexican, Latin American, and South American Cuisine
Gordito's and Luna Azul and La Cabaña, oh my!  Tacos and burritos, empanadas and pupusas, my mouth is watering just thinking about them.  If you're having something featuring tomatillos, lime, jalapeño, or cilantro, especially with seafood, try pairing it a fresh citrusy and crisp Albariño from Spain or Portugal.  For a dish like carne asada, a plump and smoky Malbec complements the umami of the grilled meat, but you could also opt for something lighter, like an earthy Pinot Noir.  If you have chorizo in the mix, a spicy and juicy Zinfandel creates the perfect lush mouthfeel.  For an off the beaten path pairing with carnitas, we highly recommend Grape Abduction Co.'s Slovenian rosé made with the grape Žametna Črnina from winemaker Peter Gönc, that explodes with fruit, freshness, and acidity (the label alone makes it worth a purchase, but the wine is just as good!).  Fried and cheesy dishes pair really nicely with low alcohol, high acidity, slightly effervescent Txakoli.