Asian Wine Pairings

Asian Food 
Whether it be Vietnamese/Chinese from Green Tree or Thai from Laem Buri or Thai Thai Kitchen, we've got some delicious Asian food options in Greenwood.  For most spicy Asian food, like curries, larb, or 
Szechwan dishes, Grüner Veltliner provides the perfect cool down; known for having ample acidity and hints of white pepper, but Grüner can range from bone dry to having a bit of sweetness, from herbal and savory to having notes of ripe grapefruit and apple.  Riesling is another great choice for spicy Asian dishes, especially a feinherb or off-dry style.  For veggie stir fries, a nice crisp Sauvignon Blanc with some grassy characteristics pairs well.  Asian roasted or grilled meats, with sweet and savory notes of soy and fish sauce play really nicely with lighter bodied, fruitier reds, like Blaufrankish, Beaujolais, and maybe even an Oregon Pinot Noir.