Gifts for all occasions

Emile Ninaud behind the counter at the first shop on 3rd and MarionWant to find the perfect wine to send to relatives to wish them a happy holiday? Need to impress a romantic interest with Champagne? Or do you need to send a case of the best Bordeaux to a client to sweeten the deal? Have us personally hand-pick gifts for business associates, friends and loved ones. Configurations come in singles and up to your choice of six bottles, ready to ship where law permits. Please contact us below for more details.


Whether you are starting a cellar, or need to find the right wine to pair with a special dinner or gathering, give us a call and we’ll be very delighted to source the right wine for you. 

We can help you with some starter bottles and storage advice to get going on a cellar. Coming from a restaurant background Erin is familiar with wine needs for every occasion, from a large event to an intimate dinner or wine tasting. Stephanie Ninaud with cases of Dow's Port

Case Discounts

We offer case discounts for purchases of six bottles or more at a time (some exceptions apply).

We will work with caterers and individuals hosting dinners, wine tasting parties, gourmet clubs, receptions and weddings. Let us know the menu, how many guests and the budget, and we can make right recommendation to make your event memorable.

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