Roots Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc NV

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Roots Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc NV

From the Roots Wine Company out of Oregon.  The winery has gained a cult following for their high quality wines and somewhat eclectic line up, which includes Pinot Noirs, sparkling wines, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Melon de Bourgogne, and Grenache.  A family affair, Chris Berg is the winemaker, while his wife Hilary is co-owner and also managing editor of the Oregon Wine Almanac.

“Since 2002, Roots winemaker/owner Chris Berg has been crafting terroir-driven wines — expressive of the soil, climate and geography — using native fermentation in the winery and sustainable methods in the vineyard.  The result? Wines of finesse and complexity.” – Roots Wine Co. 

The sparkling Sauvignon Blanc is a testament to the Roots philosophy.  More than just a pretty bottle, the wine sings. Suthap likens it to fresh cut kiwi in a bottle; it’s a definite pick me up through these uncertain times.