Patrice Colin Perles Rouges, Fermentation Naturelle

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Patrice Colin Perles Rouges, Fermentation Naturelle

8th generation vigneron Patrice Colin makes a delightful range of wines from his old vine, organic vineyards in the northernmost reaches of the Loire Valley in the Coteaux du Vendomois along the Loir River. "Perles Rouge" is a fun sparkling red wine made from Gamay. The wine is made in the method ancestral, or "pet-nat". Think of the French version of a high quality Lambrusco.  The wine is fresh and fun, with aromas ranging from secondary aromas of forest, dried flowers to dried cranberry and strawberry. In the mouth there is plenty of crunchy, crisp red cherry fruit with notes of leather, earth, and pepper with frothy bubbles that dissipate in the glass. A great match for charcuterie, cheese, grilled meats and vegetables, sausages, and burgers.