Paltrinieri, Solco NV, Lambrusco della'Emilia 100% Salomino

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Paltrinieri, Solco NV, Lambrusco della'Emilia 100% Salomino

Lambrusco Solco Paltrinieri, off-dry, traditional, rich, fruity, lightly sparkling Italian red wine. Genuine Lambrusco is a sheer delight and should be taken very seriously! This little gem has bags of ripe, soft, dark fruit and a lush mouthfeel impart created by the 15 grams or so residual sugar making it off dry. It does also have a lovely savoury dryness to the finish which makes it great with food and of course the light frothiness makes it very moreish! The quality of Lambrusco is all down to the quality of the fruit and in this case, Paltrinieri have some fabulous vineyards that produce naturally healthy, well balanced fruit. Generations of wine making knowledge have been passed on and the result is traditional wine that makes you think, I should be drinking much more of this!