2018 Ovum Memorista Riesling, Oregon

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2018 Ovum Memorista Riesling, Oregon

From The Producer:

Library Release.

49 cases available

10/10 harvest. 10.5%, 30g/L RS.

Fermented and aged in our cement egg, 2014 Memorista holds the mysterious texture that is created over 9 months of convection lees aging.  The white gold color is misleading as the nose is of pungent blueberry, lime shrub, flint, and ocean air.  Raw can sugar hits the palate initially, but is immediately swept us in the crystalline acidity that gives that helps the wine finish dry.  This low alcohol Riesling is filled with the unexpected - refined sweetness, searing acidity, thick texture - everything we've come to expect from this basalt laden site in the Eola Amity Hills.

15-30 year aging potential.