NV Illahe Vineyards Capital Fizz 187 ml

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NV Illahe Vineyards Capital Fizz 187 ml

From the winery! Capitol Fizz is a sparkling wine that gives a shout out to our beautiful art deco state capitol as well as the pioneering spirit has always been strong throughout the state of Oregon.

Salem has always been known as the boring little sister city to Portland, which has oddly become an endearing quality to us as Salem residents and Willamette Valley farmers all the way back to the 1890s. Our bumper stickers say "Keep Salem Lame," which is tongue-in-cheek of course. What we really are is a center of the state, a gathering place for Oregonians of all types, and a down to earth community, now with a down to earth sparkling wine. We wanted to craft a wine that people can drink casually and not too seriously, that is more a “beer of wine” than a serious sparkling.

This fizz is also our reaction to the single-serve market (in a bottle as an alternative to the canned wine craze) as well as people’s craving for everything bubbly. Capitol Fizz is a dry, pink bubbly bottle of refreshment for workers, picnickers, fishers, makers, singers, and watchers of the western sunset. Picked early at harvest, it has lively acid and a pretty aroma enhanced by its sparkle and joined together with the feeling of seeing a rainbow behind a waterfall. Capitol Fizz comes in two sizes--individual enjoyment, and friendly gathering. This is a sparkling wine that you can drink like a beer. Just pop the crown cap. No pontification required.