NV Dumont Champagne Brut Rose

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NV Dumont Champagne Brut Rose

"The Champagne house of the Dumont family is situated on 23 hectares in Champignol-lez-Mondeville, in a village in the southern Champagne region of the Aube, some 90 miles southeast of Reims and Epernay.

The Dumont Brut Rose is made exclusively from Pinot Noir. A selection is made in the vineyard from parcels that are particularly ripe and from bunches with deeply colored skins. Fermentation proceeds as with red wines but the wine is drawn off the skins after a day or so with the Dumont family looking carefully at the balance of extraction, color and tannin. This method, known as "saignee", is a tricky art but one that can produce the most natural and delicately complex style of Rose champagne. Currently 100% from 2008 vintage. Dosage 10 grams.

*Rose wine can be produced as a by-product of red wine fermentation using a technique known as Saignee (from French bleeding). When a winemaker desires to impart more tannin and color to a red wine, some of the pink juice from the must can be removed at an early stage. The red wine remaining in the vats is intensified as a result of the bleeding, because the volume of juice in the must is reduced, and the must involved in the maceration is concentrated. The pink juice that is removed can be fermented separately to produce rose." - Importer