2020 Shania Rosé 3L BIB (Vegan)

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2020 Shania Rosé 3L BIB (Vegan)

From: D.O. Jumilla, Spain

Varietals: Syrah & Tempranillo

Tasting Notes: The style is fresh and crisp; a perfect partner for almost any kind of food. Flavors of strawberry, cherry, fresh-cut watermelon and dried herbs on the palate with a pleasantly refreshing finish.

The wine come from Jumilla, a wine region in southeastern Spain toward the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a region of extremes, with incredibly hot summers and cool winters due to the elevation. It’s not a region of subtle wines: the only varieties that can produce consistently good wines here are ones found throughout the Mediterranean Basin: Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, and Grenache Blanc. Typical of regions of extreme heat, the resulting wines are not known for beauty or detail, but rather consistent production and predictably bold flavors.