2020 Desconcierto Albariño by Antonio Galiñanes, Rías Baixas

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2020 Desconcierto Albariño by Antonio Galiñanes, Rías Baixas

From: Spain

Varietal: Albarino

Desconcierto Albariño wine has been made exclusively from grapes of the Albariño variety and is produced in the town of Cambados.
The vineyards are situated at an altitude of 10 metres above sea level and the soil is basically composed of fine granite particles and sand. The spacing is 5 x 4 on a trellis system with a density of approximately 600 vines per hectare with an average age of not less than 25 years.
The abundant rainfall typical of the Galician climate, the town’s exposure to the sea and the geographical location of the vineyards, which are very close to the shores of the Arousa Estuary, give this wine a disconcerting, strong Atlantic character.

The harvest is made by hand in boxes of 18 kilos at the end of September. On the plot we make a selection of the grapes that will be destined for the elaboration of the DECONCERT.
In the cellar the pressing is long, 4 hours on average, with progressive pressures of low intensity and very tight yields.
Once the must is stripped of the thickest sediments, fermentation begins spontaneously, controlling the temperature 24 hours a day.
Two weeks after the fermentation is finished, we extract the wine from above the mother lees, transagging it preserving the fine lees, which will be in solution with the wine by means of the technique of continuous pumping every 15 days, for 7 months.

Straw yellow with greenish flashes.
Very intense nose with notes of ripe fruit reminiscent of white peach, pear and apples. Slight notes of vanilla and yeast, product of aging and removed in the vat.
Wide mouth, with volume and fat. Fixed acidity very well integrated, which gives it freshness and citrus notes.
Long aftertaste, slightly bitter and enveloping.