2019 Domaine Maurice Schoech Pinot Auxerrois Vieille Vigne

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2019 Domaine Maurice Schoech Pinot Auxerrois Vieille Vigne

From: Alsace, France

Varietal: Pinot Auxerrois

Story: Since 1650, the Domaine Maurice SCHOECH is the heir of a long familly wine growing tradition.
The ancestors tonneliers, wine nurserymen, wine brookers and wine growers passing on their know-how and passion for the vine and wine. Situated in the middle of the Alsation vineyard, in Ammerschwihr, the Domaine located mainly on the hillside is headed from Sébastien and Jean Léon SCHOECH in organic farming.

 The whole Alsatian Grape varieties are produced as well as terroir wines:

– Lime and granite in the Grand Cru Kaefferkopf,
– Lime and calc in the Grand Cru Mambourg and Furstentum,
– Granite in the Grand Cru Schlossberg
– Volcanic in the Grand Cru Rangen de Thann.

The Greatest attention is carried all year arround in the work of the vineyard.
In a permanent concern to optimize the quality, the harvest is hand made with limited yields.
The grapes are pressed whole smoothly fermented in inox tank and bottled after an lees aging.

As the dream part that emerge of a book of poetry, each wine of the Domaine Maurice SCHOECH will know how to bring you a unique pleasure moment, whether alone or with a meal.

Tasting Notes: An Alsatian wine you can enjoy before, during, and after dinner. Full of peaches and mandarin. Drinks well with a chill. Fruity, but mostly dry.

Pairing: Works wonders with smoked trout or a cheese course.