2019 Domaine de Thulon Beaujolais Villages

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2019 Domaine de Thulon Beaujolais Villages

From: Beaujolais, Burgundy, France

Varietal: Gamay

The farm is located in the old farm of the Chateau de Thulon (15th century) and we now exploit 17.00 hectares of vines.

Annie and René, after being "métayers" for 20 years, bought the estate in 1987: 8 hectares of vines as well as operating buildings. They developed the sale in bottles and gave taste to this beautiful trade to their two children: Carine (commercial) and Laurent (oenologist). Together, in 2002 we set up an EARL (Agricultural Operation with Limited Liability) and increased the area of ??the farm. Everyone brings a different know-how and they are complementary.

The Beaujolais slopes allow little mechanization, their vineyards require a manual maintenance throughout the year and we all participate in the different works of the vine and wine. In order to preserve as much as possible the environment and produce as naturally as possible, they adhere to "reasoned agriculture". The culmination of their cultural year comes with the harvest.

They vinify some of our wines in a traditional way: whole grapes with carbonic maceration, and other vintages in a more "original" way. They produce 930 hl of wine, here are the different appellations: Beaujolais-villages Rosé, Beaujolais-villages Rouge and Beaujolais-villages Nouveau, Beaujolais-villages Blanc (Chardonnay) Régnié, Chiroubles, Morgon-charmes and special cuvées: On the Cake "," 1947 - 1st vintage "and" Opale "and since 2012 (500 bottles that year) a new grape variety at the estate Viognier.

They work with the family, from vineyard to wine, from bottling to marketing and they put their experience at your service to offer you an authentic and quality wine.

Tasting Notes: With an intense, purplish-ruby color, this Beaujolais is packed with delicious aromas of cherry and strawberry that explode from the glass. Fresh and fruity, with just a slight hint of Allspice, this is a well-structured, delightful red. Try it slightly chilled to bring out more delicate fresh fruit flavors.