2020 Maison Noir OPP Other People's Pinot Noir

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2020 Maison Noir OPP Other People's Pinot Noir

André Hueston Mack’s first career was as a sommelier, first at French Laundry in Napa and then as head sommelier at Per Se in Manhattan. In 2007 he switched out to form a company called Mouton Noir, which is dedicated (strange combination though it may seem) to producing both a line of T-shirts and some very classy Oregon wines.  The wines are unique and distinctive garage wines, initially created for some of the restaurants where Mack and his friends have worked and now available nationwide. O.P.P., which stands for “Other People’s Pinot,” is classic Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, highly accessible and true to the character of the vineyards where it was born. It features earthy, spicy, floral, herb-framed flavors of cherry with gingery wood spice tones.