2018 Lydian Syrah

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2018 Lydian Syrah

Taste: Deeply colored, with black plums, blueberry, smoked meat, flowers, and herbs. A balanced, fruity yet meaty wine with a savory finish.

Pairing: With its mysterious dark hue, Syrah’s full-bodied flavor balances out smoky and spicy flavors. A dynamic yet soft varietal, Syrah pairs perfectly with your smoky patio barbeque or personal picnic charcuterie boards this summer.

Works best with: Smoked meats, barbeque, wild boar and spare ribs; spicy flavors, chilies and black pepper; hard cheeses like gouda, parmesan and pecorino Romano.. Other options are pork belly and wild mushrooms over creamy polenta, and flatbreads with toasty blue cheese, drizzled balsamic reduction, and grapes/figs.

Lydian was established in 2019 as a new way to experience Washington wine. The team behind the fast-rising success of Avennia brings you another delicious wine that serves as an introduction to a lifetime of wine appreciation and a fresh take on Washington terroir. As a side note, Lydian is essentially Avennia's “second wine,” a line of more affordable wines made by Avennia. Winemakers come to this decision for a number of reasons, but for Avennia, this was a decision based on two concepts: affordability while retaining quality and the reticence to sell their allocated fruit (much of the 2018 vintage is mostly high-quality Boushey Vineyard fruit) to larger wineries. 

In music, Lydian refers to a mode, or scale that is used as a building block for some of the world’s oldest and newest masterpieces. This happy sounding mode brings joy on its own, yet when molded and crafted by talented musicians can become a work of timeless art.