2018 Domaine Baud Cuvee Flor Cotes du Jura Chardonnay

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2018 Domaine Baud Cuvee Flor Cotes du Jura Chardonnay

From: Jura, France

Varietal: Chardonnay

The history of our estate begins in 1742, with the arrival of Jean-Francois Baud who settled as a taskmaker in the Vernois. The family house, then housed all subsequent generations, already listed in the communal archives before the French revolution of 1789 and who lived in the era of polyculture.

 In 1950 René BAUD, 7th generation, reconstituted the vineyard that suffered greatly from phylloxera and the two world wars. It exploits 4 hectares of vineyards.

 In 1978, with the arrival of the 8th generation, the Domaine took off again: Jean-Michel and Alain formed the Gaec Baud Père & Fils. A hard and tireless work that has allowed them to gradually expand, from 4 to 20 hectares, with 38 crops to their credit. Jean-Michel is in charge of the management of the vineyard and Alain of the winemaking and the commercial part.

On January 1, 2015, Bastien and Clémentine returned the torch of the 9th generation at only 22 and 24 years old. Bastien then took care of the management of the vineyard and winemaking, Clémentine of trade and management. Since their installation, the Estate has already expanded over 2 additional hectares. It's a new chapter that begins...

Tasting Notes:

  • View: Golden color with green hues.
  • Nose: white flowers, plums, honey, citrus and even green apples with pleasant freshness.
  • Mouth: balanced flavor with notes of white flowers and citrus anticipated, fruity notes and an interesting minerality.

Pairing: It is recommended to taste with appetizer, fish and seafood.