2018 Damsel Chardonnay

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2018 Damsel Chardonnay

Not all Damsels are in distress.

In fact, this Damsel has things pretty well in hand. Winemaker and owner, Mari Womack began her love affair with wine while working in Seattle restaurants. She caught the wine bug early when food and wine pairings captured her heart and her imagination. In 2010, she began working in nearby Woodinville tasting rooms, including Obelisco Estate and volunteering at Baer Winery during harvest. Becoming a part of the Woodinville wine community fostered her enthusiasm for winemaking and encouraged her to dream big.

Through these efforts, Mari was able to meet several winemakers in Woodinville and became the assistant winemaker at Darby Winery in 2011. Now working on vintage number six, her wines continue to impress and she's amassing a loyal following.

It is with pride and passion that Mari introduces her wines to you. The romance, ritual and history of wine continues to motivate and inspire her.

The Damsel Chardonnay brings you fruit-focused with bright acidity, this unoaked Chardonnay has clean, zesty notes of lemon and melon. Citrus notes dominate with aromatic hints of cardamom and pear. Lovely when paired with delicate food such as raw or lightly cooked shellfish or as a contrast to creamy vegetable soups.

252 cases produced each year.