2018 Champalou 'Les Foundraux' Vouvray, France

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2018 Champalou 'Les Foundraux' Vouvray, France

2018 Champalou 'Les Fondraux' Vouvray, France

From the importer:

Crafting impeccably balanced, off-dry wines like this is no simple task, but the Champalou Fondraux rolls over the tongue so fluidly that you might be tempted to think the berries tasted just like this when they were picked off the vine. It comes down to masterful winemaking, in which precision and savoir faire replace the need for technological intervention to create a velvety, suave Vouvray that oozes class. The contrast of ripe, succulent Chenin Blanc fruit with a spike of flinty minerality is like licking honey off an arrowhead.

-Anthony Lyncy