2018 Agape Pinot Gris Expression

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2018 Agape Pinot Gris Expression

From: Alsace, France

Varietal: Pinot Gris

Domaine Agape was founded a decade ago by fourth-generation Alsatian winemaker Vincent Sipp. The domaine comprises approximately 10 hectares spread across some of Alsace’s top vineyard sites, including over three hectares of grand crus. Sipp’s winemaking philosophy emphasizes sustainable, organic methods in the vineyard and true expression of Alsace’s native varietals, with the entire domaine converting to Bio-Organic methods in 2017. All of Domaine Agape’s wines are made from estate-grown grapes and are authentic representations of Alsace’s varied terroirs.

Tasting Notes: Bitter almond and pear are aromatic and promising on the nose of this wine. The palate comes in with rounded but defined richness and a smooth texture. The finish is dry, lasting and fresh.

Pairing: Your favorite backyard BBQ, seafood, pork, roasted vegetables, an order of fries, asparagus, a bagel with cream cheese and lox, lemon chicken, clams, hot & sour soup, Thanksgiving leftovers, dim sum, Cubano sandwich, brioche, hot wings, cauliflower purée, seared steelhead with fried leeks and fresh herbs, bánh mi, or a bag of Swedish fish.