2018 Vignoble Guillaume Pinot Noir

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2018 Vignoble Guillaume Pinot Noir

From the wine départment of Haute-Saône, near the Jura, one of the most underrated and unknown wine producing regions of France. Very little wine is produced here, and almost all of it is sold in local restaurants.
The Pinot Noir grown on the marly soil of the area finds a fleshy, juicy quality that makes for a precise, elemental style of wine. Intensely scented, mildly spicy aromas are the introduction to an elegantly balanced and fruit-driven wine, in which suppleness and acidity seem to be a perfect match for each other. 

Vinified in stainless-steel vats, this is Pinot Noir for fish, white meats and a wide range of cheeses.

About this wine producer: One of our favorite partnerships in France is with the Domaine Henri-Marie Guillaume, in Charcenne, near the old Ducal seat at Gy, managed by brothers Henri-Xavier and Pierre-Marie. Their 200 hectares are dedicated to providing rootstock and clonal selections to the most important wine producers in Europe. The wines are made primarily to evaluate the nursery work, though they’re wonderful wines in their own right.

We’ve been in love with this domaine since they first came to Seattle 4, or is it 5, years ago. A staple to the London market, these guys consistently deliver the best bang-for-buck Pinot Noir grown just 50 miles East from Beaune Center, Burgundy. This year is no exception, and the cooler temperatures of the vintage make this wine both pleasant and charming at any point in the year.