2017 Trere Sangiovese Superiore

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2017 Trere Sangiovese Superiore

The Trerè family has their roots in agriculture where their grandfather acquired 14 acres of land on the hills of Faenza, Romagna, an ancient town rich in noble traditions and world-renowned art treasures.

Their first wines, back in the 1960s, were the Albana, Sangiovese, and Trebbiano. Since then they have continued to refine their vineyard management, vine training system, green harvesting, organic practice, and so on, all towards achieving optimal concentrations of sugar, phenolics, and acidity.

The result are wines that are healthy and robust in sensory profile, coupled with the right components and structure for aging.

This wine. A robust example of Romana Sangiovese! Not dissimilar to Tuscan Sangiovese, it is after all, the same varietal. However, though it may share certain characteristics, these wines are all their own; sun-kissed, by the coast, and a fresh take on this famous varietal. This particular wine is versatile with so many dishes, it can be enjoyed alongside pasta (or anything with tomato) or by itself just as successfully.