2017 Ronco Severo Pinot Grigio

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2017 Ronco Severo Pinot Grigio

Stefano Novello is another or those winemakers who truly believe they are not here to own the land but rather to protect it and accompany the grapes in their journey from the vineyard to the bottle while they become wine. He also believes in biodynamic agriculture, hand-picking harvesting and always bottling under a waning moon. His winery, Ronco Severo, inherited from his father Severo Novello back in 1998, is located in the Italian paradise of the white wines, in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. 

The white wines of Stefano are well recognized, especially among those of us with a passion for Orange wines or wines with longer periods of maceration in contact with the skins.

Ronco Severo Pinot Grigio. IGT Venezia Giulia Pinot Grigio 100%. After harvest the grapes are left to ferment on the skins for about a month in truncated cone shaped oak vats, without any temperature control, and without adding selected yeasts. Once pressed the wine remains on the lees for 23 months in 20-hectoliter Slavonian oak barrels.  --The World of Orange Wines

 Salmon hued with tropical fruits and citrus on the nose.  A citrus forward palate with a structured tannins and great acidity.  A fascinating and delicious orange wine!