2017 Le Caveau Savoyard Mondeuse

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2017 Le Caveau Savoyard Mondeuse

CAVEAU SAVOYARD || Caveau Savoyard was founded in 1853, currently run by the

seventh generation of the Perrier family. The domaine has slowly expanded over the generations, and
today is the largest estate vineyard in the region with 62 hectares of vines. Vineyard work is sustainable;
grapes are hand-harvested and gently vinified in stainless steel tanks.

SAVOIE || Located in the foothills of the Alps, Savoie neighbors Jura (north), Switzerland (east),
and Bugey (west across the Rhône). Most vineyards are planted between 800-1800 feet - despite the
elevation (and alpine environment), southern sun exposure and the moderating effects of nearby rivers
and lakes create a warmer microclimate. The region spans just under 5,000 acres (2000 ha) and is
dominated by limestone soils, but there is quite a bit of diversity across the small appellation.

MONDEUSE 2017 ||
BLEND | 100% Mondeuse

VINEYARDS | 25 year old vines on argilo-calcaire soils at 450 meters elevation.

WINEMAKING | Vinification and elevage is in stainless steel tanks and French oak
(50% of each) with 6 months aging.


TASTING NOTES | This Mondeuse has all the color of a bigger red, but without weight and viscosity from alcohol and extraction or bitter tannin. Red fruit flavors of strawberries, raspberries and sour plums with spicy notes of white pepper, cinnamon and cloves and a slightly smoky/game-y character.