2017 Domaine Galeyrand Bourgogne Aligote Cuvee Aliigotay

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2017 Domaine Galeyrand Bourgogne Aligote Cuvee Aliigotay

Originally from the Loire, Jérôme Galeyrand does not come from a winemaking family. He worked for eight years in the food industry. Then, after harvesting for a couple of years at Domaine Alain Burguet in Gevrey-Chambertin as of 1996, became inspired and motivated to embark on his own estate project, and so enrolled at the wine institute in Beaune. In 2002, he bought his first vineyard plot (a miniscule 0.05 hectares!) and carried out his own vinification that September. Since then, Jérôme expanded the holdings to five hectares of vines and harvests every year with a group of well-trained friends.

Vinification takes place in a small winery at his home. His goal is terroir transparency. Viticulture is organic for 70% of the vineyards and sustainable for 30%. No pesticides, all vines are plowed. Some whole cluster inclusion, delicate vinification. All wines are aged in oak barrels - 12 months for whites, 18 to 24 months for reds. Jérôme’s wines are precise, refined and elegant, beautifully perfumed, positively delicious. He produces roughly 2,000 cases a year, based on vintage conditions, of course.

- Becky Wasserman

Aligoté, otherwise known as the "third' or 'other' grape of Burgundy, behind the more prestigious Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, makes up a small amount of Burgundy production.  While it may lack household name recognition, Bourgogne Aligoté quality continues to rise, thanks to producers like Jérôme Galeyrand.  It's also typically more reasonably priced than its Chardonnay and Pinot Noir counterparts.  From clay and limestone rich soils in both the Côte-d’Or and further south in the Côte-Chalonnaise, this Aligoté is ripe and round, green, zesty, fresh, and dry.