2017 Didier Montchovet Bourgogne Chardonnay

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2017 Didier Montchovet Bourgogne Chardonnay

Pssst, we're the only shop in town with this bourgogne blanc and it probably won't last for long.  Domaine Didier Montchovet was created in 1984 using biodynamic principles from the start.  They have been Demeter certified since 1993.  This Chardonnay was hand harvested from a 3.5 hectare east facing parcel located four kilometers from Pommard.  The wine was fermented in tanks for six months and saw no barrel aging, which gives it a fruitiness and the ability to enjoy it now.  The winemaker professes that is full-bodied, with delicate, rich aromas and a long finish, smoky flavours and white truffles.  It would be great with rich fish dishes, smoked salmon, or a rich comté cheese.


Didier Montchovet created his biodynamic vineyard in 1984. He leased a modest half a hectare not too far from Pommard, where he five years later added an additional two and a half more hectares that enabled him to begin making wine under his own name. In 1990 Didier sold his first bottling, today Didier works 9.2-hectares of biodynamic vines near the village of Bouze-les-Beaune, which is approximately 4-kilometers northwest of Beaune. The cellar was conceived to make maximum use of gravity, as a result, no pumps are used during the bottling process. Didier also has a system that recuperates rainwater, helping him conserve this natural resource during the spring and summer. Didier is committed to making outstanding Biodynamic wines and the results of his efforts are a vibrant testimony to the harmony that can exist between winemaker and nature.

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