2016 Steele JT Bourbon Barrel Red, Lake County, CA

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2016 Steele JT Bourbon Barrel Red, Lake County, CA

From The Procucers:

WINE MAKER NOTE I can’t believe how the Bourbon Barrel Red category has exploded. After repeated requests from a number of our distributors, I decided to craft my own entity in this arena. Our approach is not to overdo the bourbon element in this wine. I treat the introduction of the bourbon flavor as a nuance contributing to the complexity of my propriety blend, not as the leading flavor. - JT Steele

WINE STYLE & TASTING NOTE Jed keeps the temperatures on our fermentations moderate to develop the color and flavors inherent in this wine. We then selected barrels from our finest lots of Zinfandel, Syrah, Merlot, Malbec, Petit Verdot and Barbera. These lots were blended together and aged for an additional 120 days in gently used American oak bourbon barrels. The result is JT Steele’s Small Batch Bourbon Barrel Red Blend, a wine of unparalleled depth and complexity. The nose is full of dark cherry, anise, milk chocolate, vanilla/blueberry parfait, and of course, sweet American bourbon. The palate is full of chocolate covered cherries, butterscotch and dark brownie with light tannins on the finish. The wine has great structure, and is well balanced.

FOOD PAIRINGS This wine is well balanced but will still warrants a “darker” prepared meal such as BBQ Ribs, Blackened Steak Tips, or Thai Spiced Chicken Thighs.



ALCOHOL 14.5% pH 3.69 TA 0.65g/100mL RS Bone Dry

BARREL AGING 120 days in Bourbon Barrel American oak