2016 Ruggeri Corsini Rosso Matot

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2016 Ruggeri Corsini Rosso Matot

Dolcetto, Barbera, and Nebbiolo, Oh My!  

The one blended wine made here, normally based on Dolcetto, then Barbera and Nebbiolo and mixed blacks, in varying percentages depending on the year. This, effectively, is the farm’s second label, created to enable it to keep a high standard with its other wines (everything is estate bottled at Ruggeri Corsini; nothing is sold in bulk to traders—a fact that makes quality control for a wine like Matot particularly important). Matot is, as Nicola (Argamante, producer) says, a glass of Piedmontese red.



Bold, earthy, with notes of cherry and tobacco.  The wine is a great value and would pair well with an Italian meal, anything from pizza, to truffle pasta, to anchovies, and olives.