2016 I Vigneri Bianco Aurora

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2016 I Vigneri Bianco Aurora

The "Maestranza dei Vigneri" ("Winegrowers Guild") was established in Catania in 1435. This important association of vine cultivators working in the Etna region was the foundation stone for professionalism in wine growing and production.

500 years later, I Vigneri is today the name of a company of winegrowers and producers operating around Etna and in eastern Sicily. One of those very important winegrowers is Salvo Foti.

A native of the city of Catania, Salvo studied enology and began his career in 1981 as a technical and agrarian advisor to numerous estates in eastern Sicily.

Salvo strives to use non-invasive methods and systems, to respect local traditions and their own ancient grape varieties. Because these vines are so old, there is great diversity within the vineyards and different strains of each of the varieties appear.

90% Carricante and 10% Minnella, grown on ash soils. If you like white burgundy, you might enjoy Aurora. Mineral, lemony, peach pit, saline texture.