2016 Chateau Sicot Bordeaux Superieur

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2016 Chateau Sicot Bordeaux Superieur

Bordeaux, France

Varietal: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Organic farmed

Since everyday Bordeaux wines are generally familiar to you, I wanted to include an excerpt of an article from Jancis Robinson about four recent Bordeaux vintages.

“….I have to say that in general the initially overpriced 2017s definitely seemed the weakest of these four vintages for the red wines – although the dry white Smith Haut Lafitte 2017 was a treat, and notably fresher than its 2018 counterpart. And the red 2017 from Canon, the ‘Chanel’ Wertheimers’ right-bank property that is currently a star performer in St-Émilion, was exceptionally good for the vintage – and costs only about half as much as the 2016. In general the 2017s looked a little wan – light and soft – compared with the obvious glamour of the other vintages.
It was particularly interesting to compare the 2016s and 2015s side by side. Both vintages have excellent reputations and this London tasting showed why, and why generalisations are dangerous.”

The 2016s are looking better and better as time goes on, with in some cases more flesh, freshness and attack to counterbalance the tannins that characterise both of these vintages and indeed the 2018s.

The 2018s are of course still babies. None of the wines this year’s tasters came back from Bordeaux raving about – particularly Lafite, Cheval Blanc and Vieux Château Certan – was shown in London. And the Montrose 2018, which seemed to be the agreed star of the London tasting, had run out by the time I got there. But in general the 2018s seemed unusually sweet – almost Californian in style, but with rather more marked tannins. The best of them managed somehow to be fresh enough despite their relatively low acid levels. The more I taste wine, the more I marvel at the vine’s apparent ability to adapt to ever warmer summers…”

Pairing: Pair with charcuterie, especially paté and terrines. Cold roast beef. Cold game pies. Simple grilled meat like a steak frites, Mediterranean fare or sausage with chips, haricot beans or lentils. Shepherd’s pie and its French equivalent hachis parmentier*. Goat and sheep cheeses, mild brie and camembert.