2015 Francesco Brigatti "Oltre Il Bosco" Ghemme

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2015 Francesco Brigatti "Oltre Il Bosco" Ghemme

“Oltre il Bosco” means ‘beyond the woods’, a name that evokes an historical rivalry between the two municipalities of Suno, where our estate is based, and Ghemme. This patch of thick centenary woodland form a natural green divide between the two towns and has been inspirational to name our Ghemme.

In fact, beyond that wood is where our vineyard lies and where the Nebbiolo D.O.C.G. grapes we grow come from.

Ghemme Oltre il Bosco is a single-varietal, Nebbiolo-based wine of ruby colour with garnet hues, mostly renown for its clear print of red fruits, violet and spices, as well as for being full-bodied and sapid at the palate and developing into an elegant, complex wine with an amazing age-defying aptitude.

To enjoy this wine to the full, we recommend a serving temperature of around 20°C and to uncork the bottle some time before drinking it.

“This is simply a wine that carries an extraordinary inclination to ageing in its DNA, thanks to its solid tannin-based structure and high acidity. The persistence on the palate is truly outstanding.”

The area. Alto Piemonte is an ancient territory that exudes history, culture, and traditions. It stretches across four of the provinces of Biella, Vercelli, Novara and Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, displaying landscapes of unparalleled beauty, including the iconic Monte Rosa, quintessence of their Alps in the background. Although still little known, these lands have all the micro-elements and climate needed to make the grapes they grow noble and the wines extraordinarily elegant and age-worthy.

The portion of the hills in the Novara province where the Nebbiolo grapes for their Ghemme are grown are of glacial origin and formed by fluvial-alluvial sediments rich in loam and relatively acidic. Oltre il Bosco relates to the woodland patch that lies between the local towns of Suno and Ghemme.