2014 Tombacco Biferno Rosso Riserva

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2014 Tombacco Biferno Rosso Riserva

From The Producers:

A velvety wine with a full flavour that, like the river from which it takes its name, it leads the way in lands at one with the sea and ancient traditions.

Tasting notes

The brilliance of the garnet reflections on an intense ruby red, the Biferno is a wine with a full and aromatic taste. Olfactory nuances ranging from ethereal vanilla to sharp notes of spices and cinnamon. In the mouth it is rich, velvety and harmonious, perfect for enhancing red meat dishes or traditional cheeses.


Montepulciano 80% Aglianico 20%


Molise region, vineyards located in the province of Campobasso,  land of limestone and clay rock.


the vinification is done following the traditional red technique with daily mixing of the grapes skin for the first 3-4 days of maceration,  and then we do a single long mixing at a controlled temperature of  25 ° C until the alcoholic fermentation is finished. This first part is then followed by a preparation of the best conditions for the starting of the malo-lactic fermentation. When the malo-lactic fermentation is completed the wine is then aged into stainless steel tank and into 500 liters tonneau for a minimum of 36 months. When the ageing is finished, our winemaker does the selection of the cuvéé in order to obtain  the best aroma.


deep ruby red, with elegant grenade red nuances.


intense, full and ethereal with good amplitude of nuances, on all we recognize notes of spices, vanilla cinnamon and wood.


at the beginning it is strong and enveloping, smooth and velvety with just a delicate presence of tannins. At the end it is full, round, supported by a good acidity. Excellent aftertaste with pleasant hints of cherry, plum and vanilla nuances.


14% vol.