2014 Result of a Crush Red (Normally $34)

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2014 Result of a Crush Red (Normally $34)

There’s a comedic skit that asks if some “stuff” is good and the answer is, “I got this ‘stuff’ from the girlfriend of the roadie who takes care of the drums for that famous drummer who knows Mick personally!  Of course it’s good.”  Well Mick’s not involved in this wine but Christophe Baron, who makes the famous Walla Walla Cayuse wines, is (Read Rockstar winemaker status!).  The Reynvaan family and the Barons are such close personal friends that their vineyards are right next to each other.  Result of a Crush is a new project for the Reynvaans. This Syrah, Viognier, Cab blend from Columbia Valley is not from the Rocks AVA, where both the Reynvaan and Cayuse vineyards are, but hints of its pedigree do show through.  Is it good?  YES!  No, it is not a $120.00 Cayuse or an $85.00 Reynvaan and you can tell; but it does show expressive dark fruits with a meaty, smoky, kalamata olive finish.