2014 Domaine de la Perrière Sancerre Megalithe

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2014 Domaine de la Perrière Sancerre Megalithe

Well rounded with notes of ripe fruit and light vanilla, shows an astonishing fullness in the mouth. This incredible complexity will develop even more over the years. There is great finesse and delicacy which create a rare wine.

To make Mégalithe, 40 percent of the grape must stays in 300-liter new barrels for eight to nine months. During this period, the lees, or dead yeast left over from fermentation, are regularly stirred to provide “weight and complexity” to the wine. Meanwhile, the remaining 60 percent is vinified and matured in stainless-steel vats to preserve the wine’s fresh character.

Saget says wines “develop in complexity and mouthfeel” as they bottle-age, displaying pleasant truffle aromas and flinty mineral notes. Intriguingly, unlike other aged whites, Sauvignon Blanc maintains its pale color throughout aging. Ten-year-old wines are indiscernible from current vintages.

“I recently had a Pouilly Fumé which was 1985, and that was just an amazing experience,” Saget says. “It was fantastic to see how the wine was still ‘alive.’ The aromas change through time, but the wine is still there, still has acidity, and is still balanced in the mouth.” - Vine Pair