2013 Domaine Belle Hermitage Rouge

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2013 Domaine Belle Hermitage Rouge

"Tasting notes

Our Hermitage is a beautiful crimson with glints of dark purple. The wine is so full of colour it is nearly black.

The rich, complex aroma of black fruits develops from the outset. Blackberry liqueur, cassis and elderflower dominate the first nose. Then also more balsamic, empyreumatic notes, bringing to mind resin, wax polish, cocoa bean and coffee bean. Despite this power, the ethereal is not absent; the peony, so characteristic of our terroir, reveals itself and brings more diaphanous floral notes which contribute to the aromatic length.

The delicate oak in the palate bears witness to the mastery of the élevage. The distinguished, crafted tannins give both the depth and the structure this cuvée deserves. The necessary acidity brings a saline freshness which allows the wine to be cellared for a few more years, if you have the patience." --Domaine Belle