2016 Chateau La Mijane "Arpege" AOC Cabardes, France

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2016 Chateau La Mijane "Arpege" AOC Cabardes, France

 The terroir of Château la Mijane is spread over the municipalities of Villemoustaussou, Villedubert and Villalier. One third of the vines are cultivated in PDO Cabardès, in IGP Cité de Carcassonne and IGP Pays d’Oc. Cabardès is one of the smallest terroirs in Languedoc-Roussillon, situated between the Cité de Carcassonne and the Black mountain. The wines issued from this area are known to be elegant and complex thanks to the clay-limestone soil, the good water supply from the nearby six rivers and the Mediterreanean and Oceaning climate influences. 

During the XVII century, when the famous Canal du Midi was built, many salesmen settled around the Canal and started trading as the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea were already linked by the channel. Monsieur Tapié, a wealthy producer of sheets, bought the current area of the Château and settled a soap factory as sheets trade was booming at that period. In addition to the factory, he also built the bridge La Mijeanne, which still crosses the Canal. During the XVIII century, the trade is booming within the estate. The Château is finished, a vegetable garden and a yard to rest are annexed to the estate, a laundry and buildings such as dormitory and stable were built as well in order to accommodate the workers.

The AOC of Cabardes is a newly minted one, technically within the Languedoc, and is the farthest AOC to the west within the Languedoc. It’s the southern France region closest to Bordeaux. Partly for that reason, and because it shares climatic similarities to both Bordeaux and the Mediterranean, part of the AOC laws stipulate that the wines of this region must incorporate both Bordeaux and Mediterranean varietals. In this case, “Arpege” consists of Grenache and Merlot in a wonderful medley of depth and flavor.