2001 Hanzell Sonoma Valley Chardonnay

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2001 Hanzell Sonoma Valley Chardonnay

After fifty years in the business, you can be sure the folks at Hanzell know a thing or two about producing world class Chardonnay and Pinot Noir this 2001 estate grown Chardonnay offers charming pear, spicy apple, zesty citrus notes and a full-bodied, generous mouthfeel. But just when you think it's all sunny, playful fruit you notice its powerful, tightly wound structure, revealing a calm, self-assured personality not unlike Grand Cru white Burgundy. Fermented 80% in stainless steel, 20% in barrel, with lees stirred at 6 months. Just under half of the wine underwent malolactic fermention. Aged in new (33%) and one-year-old French barrique.