1994 Caves San Joao Poco do Lobo Cabernet

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1994 Caves San Joao Poco do Lobo Cabernet
From The Producers:
Founded in 1920 by the brothers José, Manuel and Albano Costa, the Caves São João is a family business that was originally dedicated to the marketing of fine Douro wines and liqueurs. It is today, the oldest family-run wine company still operating in the municipality of Anadia.
In the 30s with the prohibition of the elaboration of Port wines outside Vila Nova de Gaia, the company starts to produce and commercialize Bairrada table wines. At the same time, it started the production of natural sparkling wines following the "champagne" method. At this stage, it is important to stress role played by the French aenologist Mr. Gaston Mainousson

For 50+ years we've Llned in our cellars are hundreds of bottles of wine from old harvests, protected by silence and darkness, waiting for more refined consumers.

They are the result of the company's policy of keeping wines of the best harvests for future generations. Time for Caves São João is an asset, and the capacity to calmly wait for better opportunities a way of life.

This exceptional aged wine comes from Portugal's northern hinterlands, high elevation vineyards in the rugged country beyond the Douro valley. With more than 20 years in the bottle, the wine shows profound, earthy elegance on a par with almost any similarly aged Bordeaux.