Picnic Pack

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Picnic Pack

Party Wines for your Fourth of July Celebrations and/or your summer parties.

Picnic Pack $40
     NV Cune Cava, Spain
     2015 For a Song Chardonnay, Washington
     2017 Beyond the Pale Rosé, RJ Wines, Washington

The Picnic Pack is perfect for the daytime affairs, light in spirit, delicious and pleasing to a multitude of palates. Cune Cava is fresh and ultra dry to start the day. The For a Song Chardonnay is the "sigh of relief" glass of Chardonnay that'll make both your aunt who likes "buttery Chardonnnay's" and your friend who always mentions the wine they had "that one time" at a bistro happy before noon. Last, but not least, Beyond the Pale Rosé is a brand new rosé from Washington made from 100% Syrah. This rosé is one to try now. The winemaker, Rachel, is lovely, friendly and charming; with a determination and seriousness that belies her disarming smile. Her rosé is not dissimilar. Friendly and charming with a chord of levity and bright red fruits offset the tightrope of balance the spine brings to this wine.