Cantina del Glicine Barbaresco 2013

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Cantina del Glicine Barbaresco 2013


Adriana Marzi and Roberto Bruno founded this boutique winery in Neive’s Old Town in 1980. Wisteria (“glicine” in Italian) colorfully decorates the winery’s courtyard and garden. Beyond its functionality, the winery’s cellar, which dates as far back as 1582, is of great historical value to Barbaresco. With remarkable bottlings from the crus of Currà and Marcorino, Glicine has brought renown to these small vineyards of Neive. 

“Vignesparse” Barbaresco DOCG VINE SPECIES: NEBBIOLO

PLACE OF ORIGIN: The towns of NEIVE, BARBARESCO, TREISO, and SAN ROCCO SENO d'ELVIO. The name of "Barbaresco" wine is thought to have come from many different sources, but one of the most colorful explanations is that it derives from the saracen or barbarian invasions that occurred around 900 A.D.

Barbaresco is a full bodied tannic wine
that requires a long period of maturation before consumption. Today's modern systems of vinification with a shorter fermentation period at moderate temperature, create a more elegant wine with an intense bouquet, less tannic taste and less necessity for maturation. By law, Barbaresco wine must be aged in oak or chestnut wine casks for a 2 year period.
Barbaresco wine goes best with roasts, braised meats, grilled meats, poultry and game - namely, food for special occasions. However, we believe that Barbaresco, like Champagne, can be used for every meal and every occasion.

COLOR: brillant ruby red with a tendency towards orange. BOUQUET: ethereal and composite (liquorice, wild rose, violet). FLAVOR: dry, caressing, mellow, elegant.
ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: between 12,5 and 13,5 % ACIDIC CONTENT: between 5 and 8 ‰

SERVING TEMPERATURE: 20 degrees centigrade