BBQ Pack

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BBQ Pack

Party Wines for your Fourth of July Celebrations and/or your summer parties.


BBQ Pack $50

     Cantina Paltrinieri "Solco" Lambrusco dell'Emilia, Italy 
     2014 Zuccardi Q Cabernet Sauvignon, Valle de Uco, Argentina
     2014 Château de Haute-Sere Malbec, Cahors, France


Here's a package with some oomph! Cantina Paltrinieri's "Solco" Lambrusco is made out of 100% Lambrusco Salamino and one of the only Lambrusco houses to make wine the traditional way. Nothing in tank, everything made in bottle. The difference is clear once you taste it. Friendly mousse with cheerful bing cherry fruit and spices make this little guy great for chilling down and enjoying while you're at the BBQ. The Zuccardi Cabernet Sauvignon from Argentina will charm all the people who love "Cabs" all while pairing effortlessly with all the meat & veggies coming off the grill. If your grill chef is like ours, he/she sometimes overcooks certain cuts, and that's where this wine shines. Just tell your guests it's all a part of the Argentine tradition of eating steaks (definitely more well-done than here in the US- just don't forget the chimichurri!). Finally, the Château de Haute-Serre Malbec from Cahors will round out the night with a wine that's infinitely more friendly out of the gate than an old-school Bordeaux, but with all the elegance and spine of one, and will satiate even the self-proclaimed wine snobs.