A Bit of History

Our store, founded in 1969, was recipient of the first retail wine license in the State of Washington. After the California Wine Law was passed by our legislature, it became legal for private entities to sell wine products. The State liquor stores no longer had a monopoly on this segment of the market. We broke ground in offering a new selection of wines to Seattleites and continue in that mode.

Emile Ninaud has been owner/operator since doors opened in the original downtown Seattle location. A Frenchman by birth, Emile had a natural interest in broadening the spectrum of wines available in this area. Wife Stephanie joined running the store in 1986 after a career in wine importing and wholesaling since 1980. We have built our reputation on our ability to seek out new wines and educate our customers. Our emphasis is on premium wines from top wineries the world over.

Our Store

At any one time our customers will find some 1,500 different labels on our shelves. Our stock continually rotates depending on which wines are in high demand and short supply. Good value is a key quality for much of our stock. Each week we receive new releases of some of our customer's favorites. An advantage to our customers is that someone is in the store that can talk about all these wines knowledgeably, and recommend those that match the client's tastes and budget.

At Champion Wine Cellars you will find the broadest selection of French wine in the Northwest. We stock Bordeaux, Burgundies, Rhone Valley wines, Champagnes and wines from other interesting regions. We also devote large sections to better California, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Australian and New Zealand wines.

Our own Pacific Northwest wine regions are producing hundreds of excellent wines and we are continually striving to keep up with the new offerings from these exciting young winemakers. The labels you may find at any given moment will vary according to current availability of these generally limited wines.

If we do not have what you want in stock, we can try to locate the wine on a special order basis. There are thousands of wines listed in local wholesalers' catalogs that can be obtained from any country. Stocking them all would require thousands more square feet!

Email us at letastevin@aol.com