A Premier Wine Club (6 bottles)

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A Premier Wine Club (6 bottles)

Welcome to the Club!

Our Premier 6 Bottle Club is an extension of the Premier 3 Bottle Club. 

Our Premier 3 Bottle Club is perfect if you're starting out, figuring out what you like, or want an exciting selection of wine to look through. While we curate every club to your palate, preference, and taste, most people who love the Premier 3 Bottle Club tend to enjoy red wine that's easily paired with a multitude of occasions and foods, are learning their palate, or are exploring different wines for the first time. The Premier Club gives you a chance to explore as much or as little as you're comfortable, with a professional guide to help you on your journey. Each club you receive will include a pamphlet written by Champion Wine Cellars. You'll learn about details of the varietal, wine region, and how that particular wine will work in your life. 

There are two ways to do this club. 1) We can select you 6 different bottles of wine, curated to your tastes. Going this route ensures you lots of options and wiggle room. 2) We can double up on a 3 bottle selection, giving you 2 bottles of each wine we pick for you. The difference? Personal preference. For example, we like to dig into wines, and often feel one experience with the varietal or producer doesn't give us all the insight we want from a bottle of wine. On the other hand, most of our members with 6 bottle clubs prefer 6 different wines so they can explore further, and come back to buy ones they love.