2015 Ampeleia Kepos

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2015 Ampeleia Kepos

Ampeleia resides in the Colline Metallifere; the name translates to "hills that produce metals." The Colline Metallifere are hills within the upper Maremma. And Maremma is located in Tuscany, Southern Tuscany to be more precise. While the Northern part of Tuscany (Chianti Classico) has a developed wine tourism industry and lots of public cellars, Maremma is noticeably less visited by tourists, and few cellars are even open to the public. Maremma is a wine region "for serious wine lovers," and is home to some of the mythical wines of Super Tuscans Sassicaia and Ornellaia. 

Founded in 2002 with collaboration from Elisabetta Foradori, Thomas Widmann, and Giovanni Podini. The estate aspires to represent the diversity and potential of Maremma with a focus on Cabernet Franc and Alicante Nero (Tuscan biotype of Grenache), and the variability of altitude, soil type, and microclimate. While Ampeleia owns 130 hectares of property, they only plant 35 hectares to vineyards in an attempt to keep the landscape intact and promote biodiversity

The three terroirs of Ampeleia:

1) Ampeleia di Sopra: 70 hectares with only 15 hectares under vine. The largest land unit of the estate, and between 450 and 600 meters above sea level. Mostly planted to Cabernet Franc. Chestnut groves dominate the landscape. 

2) Ampeleia di Mezzo: 35 hectares of property with only 10 hectares under vine. Sangiovese land. 250-350 meters above sea level, and surrounded by cork oak woods. Carignan and Grenache grow here as well. 

3) Ampeleia di Sotto: 15 hectares with 10 hectares under vine. These plots are closest to the sea and show the most Mediterranean character. Grenache dominates here, and the area is about 200 meters above sea level.