2014 La Croix Chantecaille St Emilion Grd Cru

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2014 La Croix Chantecaille St Emilion Grd Cru

Full bodied, ripe and elegant wine with oodles of ripe fruit intertwined with nice toast notes and ripe well-integrated slightly woody tannins.

LOCATION : This estate is located in Saint Emilion in the locality of “Chantecaille” hence its name, on a superb terroir on the borders of Pomerol near Château L'Evangile and Château Gazin and neighbour of Château La Dominique and Château Croque Michotte. It is also 400 meters from Petrus. The estate has been being owned by the family of Mrs Angle since 1879.

VINEYARD AREA : 8.78 hectares.
SOIL : Light Gravels and old sands on a clayey subsoil and iron-pan layer.

GRAPE VARIETIES : 80% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Franc Age of the vineyard. 25

HARVESTING : Green harvest, leaf removals- Hand picking at full ripeness of the grapes parcel by parcel: we only select the best vines depending on the varietals, the ripeness and the age.

WINEMAKING : The whole production process is controlled by Jean Baptiste Bourotte, owner of Bourotte’s vineyards, assisted by Michel Rolland’s team. Winemaking parcel by parcel and maceration of 4-5 weeks in thermo regulated cement vats.

AGEING : During 12 months in new oak for 35% and barrels of 1 and 2 years for the remainder. Egg albumin fining.